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I am Isabelle Brabant, founder and creator of the « Zen Relationships » Program !
I help Highly Sensitive Persons,
who exhaust themselves by overthinking everything they say and / or do,
to feel as comfortable alone than accompanied,
without fearing having a fight or breaking up,
to be loved as they trully are,
without having to « sell » themselves, convince others or flirt,
while taking their time to move forward on their own pace respecting their sensitivity.  

Emotions? Did you say emotions? 

As far as I can remember, I have always had a conflicting relationship with my emotions.

Whether by clinging to them with all my strength.
I had this relationship mainly with sadness … Already in my early childhood, when I was sad, I would run to the mirror to look at myself crying. I found myself fascinating when I had those beautiful big tears rolling down my face.

There were also emotions that I was running away from …
Quite typically, it was fear and anger … 

God, I was so scared to be afraid. And the more I was afraid to be afraid, the more I was scared. Do you feel the vicious circle? Because the fear that feeds on fear creates anxiety.

I remember my anxiety attacks very clearly …
Feeling completely overwhelmed by fear (the fear of disappointing, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being rejected, the fear of not succeeding …). Feeling the negative thoughts accumulate, the ball in my belly getting bigger and bigger, my breath getting shorter and shorter … Feeling more and more paralysed. I think in all of this that was what scared me the most … this feeling of not knowing how to get out of it, of not being able to do anything to keep moving forward.

After all that, and not finding a « middle ground » with my emotions, I simply decided to reject them. I shut down so I couldn’t feel anything and it’s surprisingly easy when you’ve been through an emotional trauma.

And then one fine day … after having gone back in the « game » of dating and having become a teacher (and therefore confronted with children’s emotions every day… they don’t hesitate to share them so it’s impossible to do without) and above all feeling that I was missing out on my life (well…yes, the life of a Highly Sensitive Person without emotion is like a racing car without a racing track, it’s useless and boring ; -)) … I told myself it was time to reconnect with my emotions. 

Today, I can say that I trully live ALL my emotions (joy, fear, sadness, anger, surprise and disgust).

My background :

  • In 2005, I finish studying communications at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
  • In 2011, I go through depression. I realise with great pain that I did not create the life I wanted. I then take the time to heal my psychological, physical and professional traumas by taking training courses, attending conferences, reading A LOT of books on personal development and doing deep therapies (EFT, EMDR, kinesiology, family constellations, etc.)
  • In January 2016, I take a career break to explore a range of artistic activities …
  • In January 2017, I start giving theater lessons to children (from three to twelve years old, in schools, in the so-called classical and specialised education sectors), then French as a foreign language in different structures (for children, but also for adults).
  • In 2019, I realise that despite all the different approaches I tried, despite all my « analyses » and especially despite all my professional retraining, I am still not really happy. I decide to take matters into my own hands!
  • In 2020, I am a wellness coach!
    With my training and certificates, but especially my years of experience, I create the « Zen Relations » program. A program that looks like me and combines everything I learned to take care of his body, his mind and his relationships (his heart).

My training and certificates:

  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness, online course, University of Leiden.
  • The Arts and Science of Relationships : Understanding Human Needs, online course, University of Toronto.
  • Training in Positive Psychology, Fédération Formation
  • The Science of Well-Being, online course, Yale University
  • Program MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

"Zen Relationships" to feel as comfortable alone than accompanied

This program is for you if:

  • you have already worked a lot on yourself (books, therapies, conferences, …) to regain confidence in yourself after a painful, very painful breakup.
  • despite all this understanding and analysis of your previous « failures » in love, you still do not feel ready to challenge the comfort that you have hardly found back after this breakup; you still feel drawn into the same love patterns and you’re tired of going around in circles.
  • you have accomplished beautiful things professionally, you know how to challenge yourself, but you do not feel the same ease, the same courage and / or the same fluidity when it comes to romantic relationships.
  • you want to run away from it all and to take refuge in the comfort of your sofa whenever uncertainty, conflict, doubts or fear resurface in your romantic relationship.

With this program, you will learn how to:

  • live peacefully all the emotions that accompany romantic relationships,
  • keep confidence in yourself and your ability to create beautiful, lasting, healthy and rewarding relationships,
  • be in love in all tranquility, lightness and simplicity, even with PLEASURE (YES, it’s possible!) and therefore keeping your precious energy.

All of that to have a beautiful love energy to create in all lightness a relationship that looks like you with a partner that suits you!

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