Isabelle Brabant

Get to know Me


In 2016, after working for ten years as a communication manager, I turned my life around to explore my artistic calling, first as an actress than as a writer and a director. I have directed my first short film in 2018 and have written plenty of scripts, short stories, poems and songs.
In parallel, I started to teach French second language (as a contract worker) and to coach a very wide range of people in terms of social background, age, learning abilities and culture.

My five character strengths are love, forgiveness, hope, gratitude and spirituality (discover yours on the VIA Institute Website – it’s free and a lot of fun).

My training and certificates:
  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness, online course, University of Leiden.
  • The Arts and Science of Relationships : Understanding Human Needs, online course, University of Toronto.
  • Training in Positive Psychology, Fédération Formation
  • The Science of Well-Being, online course, Yale University
  • Program MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

You will learn to...

Self care

If you want to figure out who you are (in terms of needs, emotions and mental constructions) or simply treat yourself with a place and moment of self care.

Support and encourage

You will learn to support and encourage yourself and others through life changing processes. Learn to become your best teacher.

Ease your relationships

Whether you want to enrich or sooth your relationships (old or new).

My method

Open conversations

As much or as little as you want to tell me about your story and yourself so we can decide which way you need to go.


We will go through all the classical and non classical ways to practice mindfulness (body scan, meditations, mindful movements, etc.)

Practical exercices

According to our conversations and the observations we have made, I will offer you a series of activities/practical exercices.

Let's Walk Together

We will start with a simple conversation (30′ and totally free) to make sure that I’m the right coach for you and to establish what your goals are.

Click on the link below to schedule it.